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Magician - Mentalist - Entertainer
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Below is a listing of all the different performances Tobini Magic offers. Of course, we can customize any of these to suit your needs.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us anytime!


-  Motivational Speech  -

"Mind Power Unleashed"

   Positively uplifting presentation helps participants find the answers to goal setting and self-motivation. Are there real, success-filled answers? Tobini will reveal the one secret every person needs to know to succeed in every area of life!

Mind-reeling effects are implemented to reinforce the powerful points in this exciting and sometimes humorous presentation. This is perfect for your association events and corporate settings. With a Microsoft® PowerPoint slide presentation and workbooks available, this is a professional speech designed to motivate your guests or employees with a lasting impact.


-  Experiments in Mentalism  -

   This unique program is specially configured for all of us who have ever truly wondered, "Can a person really read my mind?" With sufficient practice, the answers will completely freak you out! With various experiments in this peculiar area of psycho-natural 

phenomena, we find solutions to the mental puzzles that will intrigue the student/participant. 

Join Tobini and experience this mysterious trip into the power of the Mind...


-  Tobini's Family Show  -

   A 45-minute demonstration specially designed for Birthdays and Family Gatherings. You can be sure that the family members will be involved. Children and adults alike will have a great and happy time being mystified with effects done with everyday objects and of course, playing cards, coins and water(?). Sleight of hand and various feats of skill will make you and your family smile and wonder.


-  The "I Love To Read" Program  -

   The "I Love To Read" program is the assembly program for elementary schools and libraries. "I Love To Read" teaches children about the joys of reading, respect for the Media Center or Library and how to make a child's dream come true by simply following a path of reading. This is a fun program that uses Magic and Comedy to teach these valuable life lessons.


-  Tobini's School of Magic  -

   The Tobini School of Magic is a personalized course that children of all ages can participate in. The eight-week course introduces the student to Stage and Parlour Magic. The lessons are not just focused on how an illusion is done but how to make each effect an artful presentation. Creativity and Public Speaking are highlighted so that each student can present his/her effect in front of an audience with confidence.



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